2023. évi globális konferencia a lipid nanorészecskékről és a nem vírusos nanomedicinákról

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Konferencia időpontjaiJúnius 21-23, 2023
Abstract Submission DeadlineMarch 1, 2023 at Midnight 12:00am EST
Key Note SpeechesMindennap 11:00-12:XNUMX
Napi témakörökDay 1: Preclinical Research, Discovery, Formulation, and Drug Delivery Systems of Gene Therapies and Vaccines:
Day 2: Technology Transfer, cGMP Manufacturing Processes Development and Technologies, and cGMP and FDA Compliance
Day 3: Characterization, Analytical Methods, Analytical Technologies, Bioanalytics, Nanoparticle Drug Products Analysis
Attendees and SpeakersGlobally from Anywhere in the World: Academia and Industry (Terms and Conditions Apply)

1 nap: Génterápiák és vakcinák preklinikai kutatása, felfedezése, formulázása és gyógyszerbejuttatási rendszerei:

The focus of the day 1 of the conference will be on formulation of drug delivery systems and nanoparticles made by proprietary novel lipid and polymer chemistries to targetedly deliver, protect and control releasing the drug products based on the objective of indication and  drug-cell interactions that are being performed in in-vitro and in-vivo studies in the lab. We will be discussing to latest science challenges of formulation, and learn about the latest development from the top experts in industry and academia on their approaches and plans to fill those gaps and addressing those challenges. The day 1 of the conference is being chaired by Dr. Drishti Sehgal, an ecxperienced and educated pharmaceutics, and nanoparticle drug delivery expert. Speakers present various omparison drug delivery strategies including using Ionizable, cationic, neutral, and polymers structure and compositions. LNPs sample preparations and synthesis

2 nap: Technology Transfer, cGMP Manufacturing Processes, Technologies, and FDA Compliance:

On day 2 of the conference, the focus will be on Technology Transfer, from Lab Bench and Animal Studies to Clinical Trials and Commercial Manufacturing. Our presenters on this day present the latest cutting edge technologies for manufacturing of precise, highly encapsulated, controlled, scalable, low cost and high through put of nanoparticle drug products. On this day we also discuss the supply chain challenges with industry leaders and having a round table Q&A about the approaches and different plans that both innovation and technologies will be addressing.  We will discussing wide variety of latest development of manufacturing technologies that is happenning internationally to fill manufacturing gaps to minimize the errors, maximizing precision with highest possible throughput that can lead to save costs as well. In this session various suppliers of raw material required to manufacture nanomedicines in both research and GMP spaces

3 nap: Jellemzés, analitikai módszerek, analitikai technológiák, bioanalitika, nanorészecskés gyógyszertermékek elemzése:

On day 3 of the conference, we will discuss some major and important bottlenecks and the latest cutting-edge science and technologies that are addressing those inconsistencies,  address those for characterization and analytics of nanomedicines and gene therapies with functionalized and sized nanoparticles. Stability of Lipid Components and Phase Transition Analysis, Morphology, Surface Functionalized Characteristics, Viscosity, In Vitro Drug Release, Insulation and Drug Loading Measurements, Purity and Residual Solvent Analysis by Separation and Chromatography Techniques High Performance Liquid Chromatography Methods, Thin-Layer Chromatography (TLC), Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectroscopy (GCMS) The Flame Ionization Detector Gas Chromatography (GC-FID),